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About Our Staff
Our associates are skilled professionals who are experts in their fields. Bill Larmore, who founded Larmore Landscape Associates over 35 years ago, dreamed of assembling a team of professional, knowledgeable and well-respected landscape associates who would create a superior landscape company.

Today Larmore is led by a team of professional associates with a large support staff. We are guided by a Board of Directors with a mission of providing the highest quality, full landscaping services for our customers.

Bill Larmore with his dogs Rerun and Gibson.
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Larmore Landscape Associates, Inc.
2581 Landmark Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
(336) 765-6340 Phone
(336) 765-6990 Fax
Email: info@larmorelandscape.com

Meet our Management Team

Bill Larmore

Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Noah Larmore

Vice President and Head Irrigation Associate

Sprigg Parker
Head Associate for Landscape Design

Brandon Schofield

Head Associate for Turf Care and Maintenance

Jimmy Helton

Head Associate for
Commercial Clients

Trent Cox

Turf Care

Tim Moorefield

Head Associate for Facilities

Becky DiLorenzo
Administrative Staff

Andy Jones
Assistant Manager for Maintenance

Bonnie Null

Administrative Staff

Ben Butner

Head Associate Pruning Services
Larmore Staff Members
Bonnie Null
Becky DiLorenzo
Mike Turner
Jimmy Helton, Head Associate for Commercial Clients
Zane Hamby, Head Associate for Residential Clients

Bonifaco Herrera
Eduardo Herrera
Javier Sanchez
Rusty Wood
Sam Cornett

Noah Larmore, Head Associate
Crisoforo Herrera

Sprigg Parker, Head Associate for Design 
Jennifer Pries, Design Associate
Brandon Schofield, Head Associate
Andy Jones, Assistant Manager
Jermaine Smith
Jamie Hernandez
Zach Williamson

Additional Maintenance
Tim Moorefield, Head Associate for Facilities Management

Flowers + Ornamentals

Ben Butner, Head Associate
Michael Watkins, Assistant Manager

Silvestre Orbe
Modesto Perez
William Eagle
Jorden Fuentes
Garrett Swain

Turf Care - Mowers
Celso Patricio
Chris Schramm
Michael Terry
Joseph Walker
Terence McCraney
Nathan Spicer
Kevin Cockerham
Antoine Lash
Harvey Ward
Angelo Cintron
Corey Ireland

Turf Care - Turf Staff
Brandon Schofield, Head Associate
Trent Cox, Assistant Manager
Ethan Wood 
Nick Adams
Andrew Edwards
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